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A Change in the Light

I was sitting in my favourite chair today not thinking about anything in particular when I noticed that a patch of sunlight was in the wrong place! In the mornings over the summer the sun reaches beyond the tiles and onto the carpet. Today, it barely warmed the tiles.

Ah, a change in the light. This means the seasons are changing. And with world events taking a turning and twisted way in our year, I thought, yes, in many areas of my life , the light is changing.

Seasonal changes are governed by the sun and the moon. Internal changes are governed by the Son, the Father and the Holy Spirit. What power there is in knowing that we are so well cared for. Then I went for a walk around the garden to see the seasonal changes. No longer the beating heat of summer on the wilting trees, now there is a restfulness on the garden. The summer growth has abated and nature is taking a deep breath, enjoying its fullness and it's ripeness. Now, it says, we rest on our laurels before the next set of changes.

I'm wondering if there’s something in this restful pause for me, some string of truth I can hold onto and let guide me into the deeper forest, the swaying field, the rustling sea... to the deeper lushness of my life. The time between the seasons is a time when the light changes.

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