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About Me

Companions in a jounrey

I am often asked "How did you end up as a Spiritual Director?" The truth is, it's been a long journey! But when I am practising as a Spiritual Director or running a retreat or writing, I feel like I've come home. I've been a bit of a magpie (very New Zealand reference!) throughout my life- a gatherer of skills, interests, faith and cultures- and I have landed in my middle years able to enjoy the wealth gleaned from the journey. I lived the first part of my life in Argentina in a bi-cultural family. We were immersed in the culture of Patagonia, schooled in Spanish and English and able to enjoy all that was available in a vast and beautiful land. 

When I moved to New Zealand I was integrated into the culture and enjoyed a wonderful education and another land full of beautiful landscapes. 

I studied at Canterbury University and received a Bachelor of Liberal Arts majoring in English Literature and World history. After my studies I spent a year teaching English in Japan as part of a Christchurch City Council exchange with our sister city of Kurashiki, Japan. There were many new experiences, new culture and some life long friendships made. 

Years have passed, I am now the very proud parent of four grown up children and have a wonderful husband who supports my endeavours to encourage and journey with people through my work as a Spiritual Director and retreat facilitator. 

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